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Building your team

In this exercise, the goal is to draft your ultimate NBA team using a limited amount of budget available. Each player has a price tag so you will have to think carefully about how you choose your players. The idea is to build the best team that you can. Think about how players would play together and compliment each other.

  • All players are considered in their prime and healthy (no injury, no minutes restrictions!)
  • You have $6,400 in total to spend on your team
  • Players range from $600 to $1,300
  • The average price of your players will likely be $800
  • There are 8 slots on your team. PG/SG/SF/PF/C and 3 RESERVES
  • You must have at least one of each position. RESERVES can be ANY position
  • Imagine your team will be in a Best of 7 Series against well...another team!
  • Optional: Give your team a name.

Copy-paste and share your team.

Once you complete your 8-player lineup and have met the budget requirements, a shiny gold button will appear which will allow you to copy your draft to your clipboard and paste it.

How to win?

Well...that depends on your debating skills.

Players List

Player NameHall of FameBragging RightsPrice
Magic JohnsonYes12x All-Star, 5 Rings, 3x MVP, 3x FMVP, 2x ASMVP$1,200
Steph CurryNo10x All-Star, 4 Rings, 2x MVP, 1x FMVP, 2x Scoring Champ$1,100
Oscar RobertsonYes12x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x MVP, 3x ASMVP, 1x Scoring Champ, '61 ROY$1,000
Steve NashNo8x All-Star, 2x MVP$1,000
Derrick RoseNo3x All-Star, 1x MVP, '09 ROY$1,000
Isiah ThomasYes12x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x FMVP, 2x ASMVP$900
Jason KiddNo10x All-Star, 1 Ring, '95 ROY$900
John StocktonYes10x All-Star, 1x ASMVP$900
Penny HardawayNo4x All-Star$900
Russell WestbrookNo9x All-Star, 1x MVP, 2x ASMVP, 2x Scoring Champ$900
Chris PaulNo12x All-Star, 1x ASMVP, '06 ROY$900
Tony ParkerNo6x All-Star, 4 Rings, 1x FMVP$900
Kyrie IrvingNo8x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP, '12 ROY$900
Gary PaytonYes9x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x DPOY$900
Luka DoncicNo5x All-Star, '19 ROY$900
Bob CousyYes13x All-Star, 6 Rings, 1x MVP, 2x ASMVP$800
Walt FrazierYes7x All-Star, 3 Rings, 1x ASMVP$800
Chauncey BillupsNo5x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x FMVP$800
John WallNo5x All-Star$800
Ja MorantNo2x All-Star, '20 ROY$700
Mark PriceNo4x All-Star$700
Rajon RondoNo4x All-Star, 2 Rings$700
Tim HardawayNo5x All-Star$700
Dave BingYes7x All-Star, 1x ASMVP, '67 ROY$700
Damian LillardNo8x All-Star, 1x ASMVP, '13 ROY$700
Jo Jo WhiteYes7x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x FMVP$700
Dennis JohnsonYes5x All-Star, 3 Rings, 1x FMVP$700
Tiny ArchibaldYes6x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP, 1x Scoring Champ$700
Kevin JohnsonNo3x All-Star$700
Fat LeverNo2x All-Star$700
Tyrese HaliburtonNo1x All-Star$600
Deron WilliamsNo3x All-Star$600
Gilbert ArenasNo3x All-Star$600
Sleepy FloydNo1x All-Star$600
Steve FrancisNo3x All-Star, '00 ROY$600
Baron DavisNo2x All-Star$600
Stephon MarburyNo2x All-Star$600
Jrue HolidayNo2x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Ben SimmonsNo3x All-Star, '18 ROY$600
Kyle LowryNo6x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Trae YoungNo3x All-Star$600
Isaiah ThomasNo2x All-Star$600
Kemba WalkerNo4x All-Star$600
Kenny SmithNo2 Rings$600
Jeremy LinNo1 Ring$600
Michael JordanYes14x All-Star, 6 Rings, 5x MVP, 6x FMVP, 4x ASMVP, 10x Scoring Champ, 1x DPOY, '85 ROY$1,300
Kobe BryantYes18x All-Star, 5 Rings, 1x MVP, 2x FMVP, 4x ASMVP, 2x Scoring Champ$1,200
Dwyane WadeNo13x All-Star, 3 Rings, 1x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, 1x Scoring Champ$1,100
Jerry WestYes14x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, 1x Scoring Champ$1,000
Tracy McGradyYes7x All-Star, 2x Scoring Champ$1,000
Allen IversonYes11x All-Star, 1x MVP, 2x ASMVP, 4x Scoring Champ, '97 ROY$1,000
James HardenNo10x All-Star, 1x MVP, 3x Scoring Champ$1,000
Clyde DrexlerYes10x All-Star, 1 Ring$1,000
Ray AllenYes10x All-Star, 2 Rings$900
Klay ThompsonNo5x All-Star, 4 Rings$900
Vince CarterNo8x All-Star, '99 ROY$900
Pete MaravichYes5x All-Star, 1x Scoring Champ$800
Reggie MillerYes5x All-Star$800
Manu GinobiliNo2x All-Star, 4 Rings$800
Sam JonesYes5x All-Star, 10 Rings$800
Jimmy ButlerNo6x All-Star$700
Sidney MoncriefNo5x All-Star, 2x DPOY$700
Hal GreerYes10x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP$700
David ThompsonYes5x All-Star, 2x ASMVP, '76 ROY$700
Gail GoodrichYes5x All-Star, 1 Ring$700
Earl MonroeYes4x All-Star, 1 Ring, '68 ROY$700
Brandon RoyNo3x All-Star, '07 ROY$700
Mitch RichmondYes6x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP, '89 ROY$700
Michael CooperNo5x All-Star, 1x DPOY$700
Joe JohnsonNo7x All-Star$700
Eddie JonesNo3x All-Star$700
Drazen PetrovicYesPetro, Mozart of the Hoops$700
DeMar DeRozanNo6x All-Star$600
Steve SmithNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Jerry StackhouseNo2x All-Star$600
Joe DumarsYes6x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x FMVP$600
Byron ScottNo3 Rings$600
Rip HamiltonNo3x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Allan HoustonNo2x All-Star$600
Michael ReddNo1x All-Star$600
Michael FinleyNo2x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
J.R. SmithNo2 Rings$600
Donovan MitchellNo5x All-Star$600
Steve KerrNo5 Rings$600
Kyle KorverNo1x All-Star$600
LeBron JamesNo20x All-Star, 4 Rings, 4x MVP, 4x FMVP, 2x ASMVP, 1x Scoring Champ, '04 ROY$1,300
Larry BirdYes12x All-Star, 3 Rings, 3x MVP, 2x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, '80 ROY$1,100
Kevin DurantNo14x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 2x FMVP, 2x ASMVP, 4x Scoring Champ, '08 ROY$1,100
Scottie PippenYes7x All-Star, 6 Rings, 1x ASMVP$1,000
Kawhi LeonardNo6x All-Star, 3 Rings, 2x FMVP, 2x DPOY$1,000
Julius ErvingYes16x All-Star, 1 Ring, 4x MVP, 2x ASMVP$900
James WorthyYes7x All-Star, 3 Rings, 1x FMVP$900
Dominique WilkinsYes9x All-Star, 1x Scoring Champ$900
George GervinYes12x All-Star, 1x ASMVP, 4x Scoring Champ$800
John HavlicekYes13x All-Star, 8 Rings, 1x FMVP$800
Rick BarryYes12x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, 1x Scoring Champ, '66 ROY$900
Grant HillNo7x All-Star, '95 ROY$800
Paul GeorgeNo9x All-Star$800
Paul PierceYes10x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x FMVP$800
Carmelo AnthonyNo10x All-Star, 1x Scoring Champ$800
Jayson TatumNo5x All-Star, 1x ECF MVP, 1x ASMVP$800
Elgin BaylorYes11x All-Star, 1x ASMVP, '59 ROY$800
Chris MullinYes5x All-Star$700
Shawn MarionNo4x All-Star, 1 Ring$700
Bernard KingYes4x All-Star, 1x Scoring Champ$700
Ron ArtestNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x DPOY$700
Andre IguodalaNo1x All-Star, 4 Rings, 1x FMVP$700
Alex EnglishYes8x All-Star, 1x Scoring Champ$700
Adrian DantleyYes6x All-Star, 2x Scoring Champ, '77 ROY$700
Mark AguirreNo3x All-Star, 2 Rings$700
Glen RiceNo3x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP$700
Peja StojakovicNo3x All-Star, 1 Ring$700
Gordon HaywardNo1x All-Star$600
Danny GrangerNo1x All-Star$600
Rashard LewisNo2x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Latrell SprewellNo4x All-Star$600
Detlef SchrempfNo3x All-Star$600
Lamar OdomNo2 Rings$600
Bob DandridgeNo4x All-Star, 2 Rings$600
Tayshaun PrinceNo1 Ring$600
Dan MajerleNo3x All-Star$600
Robert HorryNo7 Rings$600
Toni KukocNo3 Rings$600
Richard JeffersonNo1 Ring$600
Khris MiddletonNo3x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Andrew WigginsNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring, '15 ROY$600
Tim DuncanYes15x All-Star, 5 Rings, 2x MVP, 3x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, '98 ROY$1,200
Giannis AntetokounmpoNo8x All-Star, 1 Ring, 2x MVP, 1x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, 1x DPOY$1,100
Karl MaloneYes14x All-Star, 2x MVP, 2x ASMVP$1,100
Charles BarkleyYes11x All-Star, 1x MVP, 1x ASMVP$1,000
Kevin GarnettYes15x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x MVP, 1x ASMVP, 1x DPOY$1,000
Dirk NowitzkiNo14x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x MVP, 1x FMVP$1,000
Kevin McHaleYes7x All-Star, 3 Rings$900
Elvin HayesYes12x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x Scoring Champ$900
Moses MaloneYes13x All-Star, 1 Ring, 3x MVP, 1x FMVP$900
Pau GasolNo6x All-Star, 2 Rings, '02 ROY$900
Dennis RodmanYes2x All-Star, 5 Rings, 2x DPOY$900
Anthony DavisNo9x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP$900
Chris WebberNo5x All-Star, '94 ROY$900
Jerry LucasYes7x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x ASMVP, '64 ROY$800
Bob PettitYes11x All-Star, 1 Ring, 2x MVP, 4x ASMVP, 2x Scoring Champ, '55 ROY$800
Bob McAdooYes5x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 3x Scoring Champ, '73 ROY$800
Draymond GreenNo4x All-Star, 4 Rings, 1x DPOY$800
Blake GriffinNo6x All-Star, '11 ROY$800
Willis ReedYes7x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 2x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, '65 ROY$800
Kristaps PorzingisNo1x All-Star$700
Larry NanceNo3x All-Star$700
Dave DeBusschereYes8x All-Star, 2 Rings$700
George McGinnisYes6x All-Star, 1x MVP$700
Shawn KempNo6x All-Star$700
Kevin LoveNo5x All-Star, 1 Ring$700
Amare StoudemireNo6x All-Star, '03 ROY$700
Chris BoshNo11x All-Star, 2 Rings$700
LaMarcus AldridgeNo6x All-Star$700
Jermaine O’NealNo6x All-Star$700
Rasheed WallaceNo4x All-Star, 1 Ring$700
Larry JohnsonNo2x All-Star, '92 ROY$600
Andrei KirilenkoNo1x All-Star$600
Zach RandolphNo2x All-Star$600
Zion WilliamsonNo2x All-Star$600
Elton BrandNo2x All-Star, '00 ROY$600
Horace GrantNo1x All-Star, 4 Rings$600
Antoine WalkerNo3x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Paul MillsapNo4x All-Star$600
Antonio McDyessNo1x All-Star$600
Kenyon MartinNo1x All-Star$600
Carlos BoozerNo2x All-Star$600
Kareem Abdul-JabbarYes19x All-Star, 6 Rings, 6x MVP, 2x FMVP, 2x Scoring Champ, '70 ROY$1,200
Wilt ChamberlainYes13x All-Star, 2 Rings, 4x MVP, 1x FMVP, 1x ASMVP, 7x Scoring Champ, '60 ROY$1,200
Shaquille O’NealYes15x All-Star, 4 Rings, 1x MVP, 3x FMVP, 3x ASMVP, 2x Scoring Champ, '93 ROY$1,200
Hakeem OlajuwonYes12x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 2x FMVP, 2x DPOY$1,200
Bill RussellYes12x All-Star, 11 Ring, 5x MVP, 1x ASMVP$1,200
David RobinsonYes10x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 1x Scoring Champ, 1x DPOY, '90 ROY$1,000
Patrick EwingYes11x All-Star, '86 ROY$1,000
Nikola JokicNo6x All-Star, 1 Ring, 2x MVP, 1x FMVP$1,000
Dwight HowardNo8x All-Star, 1 Ring, 3x DPOY$900
Yao MingYes8x All-Star$900
Wes UnseldYes5x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x MVP, 1x FMVP, '69 ROY$900
Joel EmbiidNo7x All-Star, 1x MVP, 2x Scoring Champ$900
Dikembe MutomboYes8x All-Star, 4x DPOY$800
Ben WallaceYes4x All-Star, 1 Ring, 4x DPOY$800
Rudy GobertNo3x All-Star, 3x DOY$800
Artis GilmoreYes11x All-Star, 1x MVP, 1x ASMVP, '72 ROY$800
Dave CowensYes8x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 1x ASMVP, '71 ROY$800
Robert ParishYes9x All-Star, 4 Rings$800
Alonzo MourningYes7x All-Star, 1 Ring, 2x DPOY$800
Ralph SampsonYes4x All-Star, 1x ASMVP, '84 ROY$700
Bill WaltonYes2x All-Star, 2 Rings, 1x MVP, 1x FMVP$700
Bob LanierYes8x All-Star, 1x ASMVP$700
Nate ThurmondYes7x All-Star$700
Brad DaughertyNo5x All-Star$700
Arvydas SabonisYesSabas$700
Marc GasolNo3x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x DPOY$700
DeMarcus CousinsNo4x All-Star$700
Karl-Anthony TownsNo4x All-Star, '16 ROY$700
Victor WembanyamaNoNothing$700
Brook LopezNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Vlade DivacNo1x All-Star$600
Manute BolYesRaan Cheg, 'Nute, Iron Bol, The Dinka Dunker, Minutiae, The Project$600
Andre DrummondNo2x All-Star$600
Al HorfordNo5x All-Star$600
Andrew BynumNo1x All-Star, 2 Rings$600
DeAndre JordanNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Bill LaimbeerNo4x All-Star, 2 Rings$600
Tyson ChandlerNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring, 1x DPOY$600
Mehmet OkurNo1x All-Star, 1 Ring$600
Andrew BogutNo1 Ring$600
Hassan WhitesideNo1x Block Champ$600
Joakim NoahNo2x All-Star, 1x DPOY$600

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